The Non Transmission linked inputs had a need to the violet connector.


If you require a “confirm relaying lamp” or greater often called a check motor light for your own transmission.

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The 0411 PCM pertains a floor to C2 Pin 46. This may be wired to the ground part of a tiny lamp to let you know the 0411 PCM offers a rule inside it for an imperfection with infection features.

0411 PCM Class 2 records interaction (information wire to OBD2 connector PIN 2)

C1 Orange Connector Pin 58

0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Position Sensor” Input for EFI equipped vehicles. (This is wired to the SIGNAL wire coming out of the TPS sensor.) For even EFI equipped vehicles tap into the SIGNAL ONLY.

C2 Red Connector Pin 24

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft placement Sensor” insight for EFI supplied motors. (this is certainly wired within the ALERT circuit coming out of the CKP sensor.) For EFI supplied cars take advantage of the TRANSMISSION SINGLE.

C1 Blue Connector Pin 12


0411 PCM TPS “Throttle Place Sensor”

C2 Red Connector Pin 24 to indication cable coming out of TPS Sensor

C1 orange Connector Pin 46 to 5VDC energy line for TPS Sensor

C1 azure Connector Pin 46 to Ground cable for TPS Sensor

0411 PCM CKP “Crankshaft Situation Detector”

C1 orange Connector Pin 12 to indication Wire appearing out of CKP Sensor

C1 Blue Connector Pin 2 to Power Wire for CKP detector

C1 green Connector Pin 21 to soil Wire for CKP detector

0411 PCM Brake Turn Enter. This really wired/relay’d to your good cable via your own brake extremity switch to their braking system lighting. This demands relayed to your workplace correctly. C1 azure Connector Pin 33 requires 12vdc principal on electrical power before you push on from the top deaf dating apps France braking system pedal, which then it takes no power or floor placed on that computer system pin to let your computer know it needs to passing the torque converter clutch. A bosch single-pole double throw exchange works ideal for this. Crushed 85, Wire pin 86 your 12vdc out of your braking system switch to your brake light wire. Apply essential on 12vdc capability to pin 30, consequently cable C1 orange Connector Pin 33 to 87a. Boom! Your torque converter clutch should passing today with all the brake system utilized.

The infection relevant Inputs/Outputs must the 0411 PCM:

0411 PCM Transmission insight shot increase detector (This is the sensor directly behind the bell-housing for the transmission. The Input/Output cock increase devices throughout the 4L80E indication are certainly not polarity delicate, and just basically want wired around the PCM)

The 0411 PCM REQUIRES A TUNE/FLASH BECAUSE OF IT TO RUN RIGHT. If you operated it just as is also from a junkyard, It will A: go into anti-theft means because VATS is enabled, B: enter sign limp function and C: maybe perhaps not just work at all depending exactly what tool we removed your personal computer out of.

Over at my build, I experienced a PCM track file away from a 01 GMC 1500 with a 4.8L and a 4L60e inside management component. There was to acquire another tune document with similar OS (operating-system) my 0411 PCM have which have a 4L80e relaying primarily so I could segment exchange the relaying and sign diagnostics segments to the melody file. SHOULD YOU GET A PCM OFF A CAR FURNISHED WITH A 4L60E MANUFACTURING FACILITY AND ALSO YOUR FLOWING they about A 4L80E otherwise THE OTHER WAY AROUND YOUR SEGMENT SWAP IS DESIRABLE YOUR INDICATION TO FUNCTION! “consult myself how I know”.

All system relevant DTC’s must certanly be deterred excepting the TPS and CKP DTC’s amounts P0121, P0122, P0123, P0335 & P0336.

Write all sign associated DTC’s according to the system Diagnostics>DTC’s turned-on which are factory aroused with a PCM thats built with a 4L80E EXCEPT P0705 & P0706, these two programs need to be deterred if you’re not with the Neutral protection Switch. Leaving other infection DTC’s concerning allows the 0411 PCM to turn about MIL illumination or stock a MIL rule if there is a issue on your Transmission and this will let the PCM to give sign Limp function.

Under System>General, replace the PRNDL geared up to not one.

DELETE ALL TORQUE CONTROL AND DISABLE MISUSE SETTINGS IN SYSTEM AND SIGN TABS If this is definitely not completed the transmitting cannot reposition correctly.

Under Trans>Auto Move Properties>General> Perf Option, identify No Alter. It is the pull transport switch, that has been hooked to your BCM (human anatomy Management section) and signalled during the school 2 Data system to show regarding ability for the PCM. I already have certainly not located a-work to manage to employ this attribute. Easily does discover a way, i shall update this wiki webpage.

Those are needed configurations that want changed more make certain that the 0411 PCM to perform as a standalone infection operator and in actual fact reposition the 4L80E infection correctly. The final of this background shall be dependent up on your certain set-up. These methods is:

My favorite TPS enter at lazy is 25percent in the 0411 PCM. This really isn’t an enormous concern since you can manage around they in the Shift increase game tables. In my opinion I need to furthermore touch simple TPS sensor surface from your 0411 PCM to our MegaSquirt 2’s TPS soil, that I think will correct it. I will update this wiki when this happens to be detected and repaired.

REVISE 9/26/16 – I found the TPS problem. Their truly working as its purported to. I am not saying working a IAC valve and changed my throttle system for a adjustable lazy tighten. Anyway the thottle blades were actually started between 20-23per cent for engine to idle, actually it absolutely was as a result of carbon accumulation of the throttle system. I cleansed from the carbon and also this amount dropped to around 13-15per cent for the same RPM idle. So the doing work correctly.

The following was my R&D and evidence of concept videos playlist on Youtube: