Indirect Car Capital. Fund any consumer that moves for the doorway!

Westlake Investment aims to offer unbiased and team retailers using level of service, tech and loan ability to ensure success. Westlake provides a complete spectral range of competitive capital alternatives that allow a person, the dealer, to accommodate a lot of consumers. Acquire 100% robotic debt decisions and lightning fasting approvals 24/7/365 from DealerCenter, Dealertrack, path One, and CUDL. We controls the capital with Westlake’s price enhancement apparatus, AutoStructure, and IMAXX. You’ll be able to see funds a lot faster by acquiring any price from any process.

Total Array Finances Services

You can expect an entire assortment of personalized loans training buyers associated with every credit score rating. Providers can realize your desire available rates only 1.99per cent, keywords as many as 72 seasons, and initial payment just $0. Suppliers in addition gain from Westlake’s economic applications as they possibly can acquire as much as 2per cent provider participation for specific account levels and provider expenses just $0. Westlake supplies Titanium, Platinum, golden and typical programs for customers of the overall credit score! Making use of the prominent merchant system in the US, Westlake is incorporated in the organization of assisting both unbiased and team dealers improve their final conclusion.

TITANIUM COURSE (750+ Consumer Credit Score)

Offer charges as little as 1.99per cent with around 2percent seller involvement with Westlake’s Titanium application. And also dealer expenses and initial payment which might be as low as $0 and words which go all the way to 72 many months. Provide hostile money options to perfect consumers which stroll on top of the store ton. Keep in mind, the Titanium regimen enables Westlake for a really aggressive full-spectrum loan company.


  • APRs just 1.99%
  • Financing conditions doing 72 times
  • Dealership charges as low as $0
  • Initial payment as little as $0
  • Refrain Funds with E-Contracting

PLATINUM PLAN (700-749 Credit Rating)

Become reasonable dealership prices and provide for a wider range of clients of great debt shopping for used or tough-to-finance autos. There is not any truck usage limitation, APRs just 4.99per cent and finance terminology around 72 many months with minimal STIP requisite. The Platinum plan makes it possible for Westlake financing are aggressive along with other financial institutions for leading and near-prime credit score rating people.


  • APRs just 4.99percent
  • Doing 2% seller involvement only with no chargebacks
  • Debt keywords as much as 72 several months
  • Little STIP Obligations
  • Hard-To-Prove incomes acknowledged
  • No Minimum Numbers Financed
  • Optimal The Amount You Want $50,000
  • No Low Profits, Household, Tasks, Bureau opportunity

SILVER SYSTEM (600 – 699 consumer credit score)

Give intense financial options to people with achieved credit ranking, it does not matter car or truck mileage or age. The golden system provides money keywords to 72 times, APRs as little as 7.99per cent, and lowest merchant expenses. Similarly to customers that are in the standards system, buyers with hard-to-prove earnings, available or discharged bankruptcies, and previous non-Westlake repossessions all be eligible for the golden plan.


  • Around 2% provider Participation only with no chargebacks
  • 72 Thirty Days Names
  • No Look to Ebook
  • Aggressive LTVs
  • Hard-to-Prove incomes approved
  • No Minimum Level Financed
  • Optimum The Amount You Want $50,000
  • No Low Earnings, Home, Work, Bureau your time
  • Past Repossessions accepted

REQUIREMENTS APPLICATION (0-599 credit history)

won’t switch away those hard-to-approve subscribers! Dealers can agree to novice and sub-prime people with Westlake economical. Aided by the typical course, vendors will enjoy bank expenses as low as $349. Providers count on this system since foundation to the sub-prime finances organization.


  • No minimum consumer credit score
  • Loan terms and conditions as many as 72 months
  • Lender costs as little as $349
  • Accepts challenging establish earnings
  • Allows open and recent bankruptcies
  • No least earnings, job your time, house moments, agency time
  • No minimal volume supported
  • Optimal amount you borrow $25,000